ZF Transmissions Repair and Refurbishment

Remanufacturing ZF Automatic Transmissions in the Commercial, Agricultural and Industrial sectors; Hanna Plant have the right inventory and engineers to get your vehicle back to work in no time.

Often found in buses, dustbin lorries, dump trucks and loading shovels, ZF transmissions are known for their reliability. This said, whether it’s due to age, usage or wear and tear, at some stage your ZF transmission may encounter a problem. Most ZF transmissions include:

  • More than 6% fuel saving against competitors.
  • 6 speed (HP) transmission.
  • 5 shift elements and 4 gear sets.

Hanna Plant also refurbish and repair Ecomat ZF Transmissions, that are commonly found in city-buses and coaches. The Ecomat is now in its third generation, which features new developments including a torque converter and a retarder.

Hanna Plant use only genuine dealer parts to perform scheduled service and maintenance, repairs, reconditioning and refurbishment on your ZF Automatic Transmission. We never do unnecessary repairs and with no hidden costs, your repair won’t cost the earth.